About Us

Want to know the Spenst Tech story?

Here at Spenst Technologies we know that every business can achieve a higher degree of productivity through the effective use of properly implemented technology. That’s why we’ve adopted “Productivity through Technology” as our company’s motto!

Based out of Chilliwack BC, Spenst Technologies focuses on providing affordable technology solutions for small businesses and buildings across the Fraser Valley. We know what technological solutions your businesses need, and we strive to meet those needs within reasonable budgets. If you need technological assistance, and whether you’re operating a home business in Hope or multiple firms throughout Maple Ridge, we’re here to help.

Spenst Technologies was founded by Daniel Spenst in 2013. Daniel started in this field by working as an independent contractor for Cnawlece Incorporated in 2009. Over the course of three years he quickly became their head technician. In 2013 Colin Schmidt, the CEO of Cnawlece Incorporated, and Daniel Spenst split the services offered by Cnawlece so that each could focus on their strengths. To this day their companies remain in a strategic alliance.