Monitoring and Maintenance

Minimize downtime by proactively resolving issues.


If the server hosting your website went down over the weekend, when would you find out? If your systems could go down on Friday and you wouldn’t find out until Monday, that’s a missed window of opportunity. Knowing about issues as soon as they arise is the best way to ensure that your technology is fixed while minimally affecting your availability.

Your systems need to be stable and functional, and if something does go wrong, then you need to know when and why it happened. Computer systems can and will fail for thousands of reasons and, if you don’t know what warning signs you should be looking out for, it’s easy to miss the early warning signs. We know what those warning signs are, and that’s why we offer monitoring and maintenance as a service.

By keeping track of what services are running on a system, the status of its hard drives, statistics on resource usage, and many other factors, we are able to reduce the likelihood of your systems encountering business halting system failures. Regular vehicle maintenance is something every driver knows the value of, so why would you treat your mission critical systems any differently?

At a glance we are able to monitor things like:

  • Antivirus, and Antimalware reports
  • System Status
  • Hard drive health and usage statistics
  • Network use statistics
  • File access monitoring
  • Event log monitoring
  • Windows Service Status
  • And much more!

Because there are so many things that we are able to monitor, listing everything is impractical. If you have any questions about our monitoring and maintenance service, or want specific details about how our service works, please Contact Us.